About this site

It’s rare for me to have an idea. So when I do have one, I hope it’s good.

This site was inspired by a number of things:

  • the surprising number of theatre professionals I have heard admit to not having visited many of London’s theatres (particularly those off the West End)
  • the absence of a comprehensive resource which lists all London theatres (to my knowledge, no other truly comprehensive online list exists)
  • my sister’s obsession with the 1001…Before You Die book series, and our doomed endeavours to complete them
  • my desire to collate all my writing in one location

My aim is to visit every theatre in London. Although I have neither the funds nor quite the obsessive drive to do this Julie & Julia fashion I will, however, commit myself to attend a minimum of one production a week – ideally at a theatre I’ve not been to before. As you will see from my A-Z page, there are lots.

I will provide reviews not only of the productions I see, but also of the theatres I visit. Although there is no space to comment on the atmosphere, decor or lack of air conditioning in a traditional review, these things are important; if you’re too hot, too cold, or too stressed from almost being late, then you’re not in the best position to appreciate a show.

If I am unable to gain a review ticket to a show then I will not spend more than a maximum of £20 on a ticket, in order to also give a fair review of the young people’s schemes available and financial accessibility of particular theatres.


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