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Is Willy still wily? Shirley Valentine at the Trafalgar Studios

On target audiences and why we should be careful about what we describe as ‘timeless’ I went along to Shirley Valentine thinking it was a musical, just because it’s by Willy Russell and it sounded like one. It’s not. Instead, … Continue reading

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Political playwrights: what’s the point? Ten minutes in a taxi with Nawal El Saadawi

Nawal El Saadawi is an incredible woman. An Egyptian feminist writer, she has been repeatedly persecuted for her politically controversial views. The treatment she has received at the hands of the Egyptian government has forced her into prolonged periods of … Continue reading

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Theatre critics: cut the crap

One of the main reasons I wanted to start this site was because I often find that theatre reviews bore me. There, I’ve said it. The theatre should and can be a place of both cerebral and sensual stimulation yet, … Continue reading

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Skitterbang Island at #48 the Polka Theatre

The Adventure Theatre at the Polka is the perfect location for Skitterbang Island. The multi-level seating (including floor space) allows the audience to be easily drawn into this intimate piece of story-telling. Cutlery, glass and odd bits of metal hang … Continue reading

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Earthquakes in London at the Cottesloe, National Theatre

Mike Bartlett’s Earthquakes in London  has received a lot of attention recently, and not all of it positive. A writer best known for intimate, small-scale pieces such as Cock and My Child, Bartlett has here produced something so messy and … Continue reading

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#47 La Bete at The Comedy Theatre

Last night a friend and I caught La Bete, David Hirson’s 1991 comedy set in 17th century France, at the Comedy Theatre. Through some diligent work on my friend’s part we managed to get balcony seats for £12, through Student … Continue reading

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#46 Hecuba at The New Diorama Theatre

Written for    Hecuba, Euripides’ violent and bitter tragedy, is surprisingly forward-thinking in the challenge it poses to traditional female roles. With her children cruelly plucked away from her one by one by her enemies, Hecuba dares to defy … Continue reading

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